Creation of artesian boreholes

Water is a basic element of all life, the extraction of which we are able to ensure throughout the country. Our services are used by both individuals and leading companies throughout Latvia. Water wells (or artesian wells, boreholes) are most often telescopic vertical pipe constructions, which consist of an operating column, which is cemented in the drilled rocks. Water extraction on the horizons is mainly from sandstones or loose dolomites.

2.1 Urbšana

We drill boreholes with a drilling rig mounted on a truck. The total duration of works at the site takes on average 2-7 days or more if the depth of the borehole exceeds 100 m. The main factors that affect the time required are the depth of the well and the rocks we encounter during drilling. A two-year warranty is provided for all work performed. More about the borehole creation process, casing pipes, pump selection for water quality can be found HERE.


The main factors determining the cost of drilling a borehole are the pipes used, the composition of the earth’s rocks and the cost of transport. We offer three types of pipes or a combination of them for drilling equipment:

  • Stainless steel – 95 EUR/M*
  • Polyvinyl chloride or plastic (PVC) – 65 EUR/M*
  • Black steel/Ferrous steel – 85 EUR/M*

*All prices are for illustrative purposes only and may vary. A more accurate price offer is prepared by looking at geological sections, which helps to determine the approximate depth of the well with 90% accuracy. Price calculation formula – depth x price per meter. For example, if the depth is 35 meters and stainless steel pipes are chosen, then the approximate price will be 35 * 80 = 2800 EUR without VAT.

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Creation of special wells

Usually, the biggest demand is for water supply wells, but we also install wells for specific needs, based on customer demand:

  • Exploratory drilling for mineral deposits or refining geological sections;
  • Geotechnical exploration wells for the foundations of engineering structures;
  • Boreholes for earthing contours;
  • Boreholes for hollow piles
  • Boreholes for inserting ground source heat pump probes;
  • Monitoring boreholes.

Borehole disposal (tamponage)

In accordance with the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers’ Regulation No. 696, for the purposes of groundwater protection, all water supply wells that are not used must be disposed of (tamponed) following certain procedures. A license must be obtained from the Latvian SES for this purpose. Well removal is required in the following cases:

  • The borehole is no longer used;
  • The well is in a state of emergency, its repair is not possible or is unprofitable;
  • Water quality is inconsistent with Latvian Minister Cabinet’s Regulation No. 671 “Mandatory Harmlessness and Quality Requirements…”;
  • A new well has been drilled for water supply.

After the liquidation of the well, a well liquidation act is drawn up in the prescribed form, one copy of which is handed over to the owner of the well, the other in the funds of the LEGMC(LVĢMC).

2.3 Likvidācija

Installation of pumps and water pipes

When the drilling is completed, the well is pumped – first with a compressor to clean it of drilling fluid and rock particles, and finally with an electric work pump – to determine the hydrogeological parameters of the well (dynamic level, flow rate, static level) and to take water samples. Based on the obtained data, the customer is recommended to install a depth pump with appropriate technical parameters.

The range of submersible pumps used in boreholes is very wide. The most commonly used brands in our practice are Grundfos, Wilo, Calpeda, Pedrello, Delfin, etc., which offer pumps with the full range of technical parameters: from 0.5 kW to 15 kW and more; by productivity starting from 0.5 l / s to 10 l / s and more; with a lifting capacity of 10 m to 150 m and more. We offer to equip the well with a depth pump, installation of an external water supply, its connection to the building’s internal water supply.